Posted in November 2010

Android Draw Location Accuracy Radius

to get the accuracy in fix meter just use * note: best is an Criteria object and to draw the Radius, just use this Overlay class, which extend an Overlay Class, and then add it to a MapOverlay * note: dont forget to use the setSource() method, before add it to a MapOverlay Advertisements

Change Android ProgressBar Animation

To change a indeterminate progressbar style animation, simply use this drawable below, and rename it as progress_indeterminate.xml * note the @drawable/progress_circular_indeterminate is pointing to your image file, you can change the name To apply the Animation simply use this tag in the progress bar Based on this link about progress dialog and other animation

Android Json Processing using GSON and Display in on a ListView

This is my way to process a json request using GSON library and display it on a ListView Connect to a WebService the code i used to interact with the web service is based on this blog First, download GSON library in here Format JSON Response the json response format which we are going to … Continue reading