Tips using Lyx

in 2010 i use Lyx to create some assignment on my college, and i feel unsatisfied with the result when i create an PDF output.

after googling on the internet. i found some few tips when using Lyx as LaTex Editor :

  1. change the TeX encoding to default (because the default value is OT1, which don’t used embedded font).
  2. always defined the font size.
  3. always set the Float Placement to Here Definitely.
  4. always set the default paper to A4, because LyX use letter paper by default.

thats all i hope it helps


2 thoughts on “Tips using Lyx

  1. lyx is very helpful to write papers dan reports, and even books. but too bad they don’t give templates for latex so i have to write the dissertation with doc :(

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